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Join Our Group

Crown Wealth Group offer a full spectrum of authorisations, from risk only to full advice.


Our advisers are encouraged to become experts in their field and our compliance team ensures that each practice understands their compliance obligations, with a number of opportunities to continue their education through CPD days and online education each year. 

We want to help our advisers grow their business, our team offers continuous assistance with delivering services to clients, growing revenue streams and securing the value of your practice well into the future. 

Apart from the compliance checks and balances, below you will see the three key steps to joining with Crown. 

Get Started



We recognise that in some cases, advisers manage sophisticated revenue streams and need flexibility in some areas. We sit down with you to discuss your needs before the our process commences. 



Once agreed to start the process, Crown have an on-boarding team that will make the transition as straightforward as possible, ensuring a speedy and efficient transfer.  



Once on-board, we get to work delivering on our commitment to you growing the value of your business through assistance in a range of areas, from improved efficiencies to help with client growth


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