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Kick Starting Referral Partnerships

The practice management team have spoken with many advisers regarding referral partners and how to bring them into an ecosystem of referring back and forward.

We wanted to send out the below to everyone which are some thoughts for referral frameworks and how to structure them in a simple way.

Offering these additional services off the back of a referral agreement can be beneficial for both parties. From the perspective of the Accountant or Mortgage Broker there are no additional costs involved with offering this referral service to their client, only benefits.

Reasons for Accountants/Brokers doing a referral agreement:

  • They can stay competitive having a full service, which minimizes the likelihood of their clients leaving due to the gaps in your offering currently.

  • You oversea your clients giving a full comprehensive understanding of their financial situation and how they can grow for the future.

  • Creates revenue for your business through additional streams not utilized previously.

  • You have full control of the arrangement, with the financial planning being carried out by an expert in the field.

Benefits for their clients:

  • The referral agreement will provide a complete financial service based on their best interest

  • Clients will receive guidance on goal setting, wealth creation, personal and business insurance and protection strategies.

Basic steps to build out a partnership:

  1. Create a marketing pack for potential referral partners including the above points to show value.

  2. Create a draft referral agreement to go over with the potential partner

  3. Accompany with a sit-down presentation, again show the value

  4. Create an FAQ’s for them to consider in the form of a brochure to leave behind

  5. Factors regarding the referral agreement, what are the expectations around client flow

  6. Changes that would potentially need to be made to assist their business as nothing is ever straight forward.

  7. How it can be implemented within their business, discuss the process with them around introduction to clients

  8. Rolling out the agreement between the two companies.

  9. Create a list of companies that may be willing to do a referral agreement

  10. Send out an email to all of them with the offer

  11. Follow up with a call to them to see if they are currently using anyone and If there is interest

These are just a few points to think about before you start preparing to discuss referrals.

If you would like to speak further regarding referral opportunities in your area, please contact the team for a discussion.


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